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White Collar Crime

Fighting a white collar crime charge - like bribery charges, bank fraud or mail and wire fraud - is a complex job that requires understanding of this complex and intricate area of the law. In cases involving public officials, it may also require a subtle public relations campaign - and an attorney who understands that a charge of public corruption or other white collar crime may carry serious penalties such as substantial periods of incarceration, restitution, loss of favor with the voting public, one's shareholders or one's staff, and monetary fines.

Building a strong defense against a white collar crime charge must begin immediately. It is critically important to review documentary evidence and witness statements while the records are still available and witnesses' memories are still fresh. Furthermore, in high-profile cases a media campaign is often necessary - especially because the "story" of public corruption often "breaks" in the media first, before criminal charges are even brought.

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Mail and Wire Fraud

Anyone who commits a financial crime and uses the U.S. mail, email, facsimile, or the telephone can be charged with the federal crime of mail and/or wire fraud. The Department of Justice devotes much attention to investigating charges of public corruption that also involve the use of the telephone or the U.S. mail, email, or facsimile.

Charges of Public Corruption

Public officials have a responsibility to provide honest service. A corruption investigation can snowball as the investigation extends into outer circles and unveils additional parties who can also be charged with improperly giving or accepting money or gifts. Proving these cases can be difficult, because the State must prove that the donor specifically intended to purchase a vote. If the donation was a simple political contribution that the donor made in the hope that the public official would act in the donor's benefit - but the donor did not specifically intend to "purchase" the public official - then the charge may be successfully defended.

Bank Fraud and Other White Collar Crimes

In addition to defending clients on charges of public corruption, bribery or mail and wire fraud. The Law Offices of Mark L. Smith has the experience to handle a wide range of white collar crime cases:

  • Bank fraud
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Tax fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Identity theft
  • Internet crimes

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If you are accused of a white collar crime and are in the process of selecting an attorney, consider The Law Offices of Mark L. Smith. Our white collar criminal defense practice is led by attorney Smith. He has defended Rhode Islanders against serious criminal charges since 1978.

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